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Allset is the first food pre-ordering platform that allows diners to order ahead for dine-in or pickup. We are a trusted partner of more than 2,500 restaurants in 12 major U.S. cities.

Allset empowers people to dine at restaurants without waiting and allows businesses to offer quick dine-in and pickup services. Our users are living more productive lives and our restaurant partners double their table turnover and better serve their guests.
1. A customer orders ahead for Dine-In or Pickup on Allset.

2. You accept and prepare the order that is pre-paid & pre-tipped.

3. You serve the order when the customer arrives.
Attract more customers
Get your restaurant in front of our large diner base and bring new customers to your door with our marketing options.

Increase efficiency
Streamline your dine-in and pickup businesses to serve more guests faster and with less effort.

Access our corporate clients
Tap into local offices with thousands of hungry employees near you.
Allset allows diners to order ahead meals at 2,500+ restaurants in 12 major U.S. cities to ensure faster dine-in or pickup services. We have pioneered on-demand dine-in technology and solved waiting for food at restaurants – you can now impress your guests with its convenience.
Allset offers a simple pricing structure. We will charge an agreed commission per order, not including the processing fee (2.9% + 30¢). Allset's commission is taken out of the subtotal, not including taxes and tips.

Your regular customers who seek Allset convenience will be commission-free for you forever. We will provide a special discount to share with your existing customer base. You will receive commission-free orders from customers who used the discount.
Anything sold inside the restaurant outside of the app is yours to keep.
We make it easy with no contracts and no setup cost. Terms of Use are listed here: https://allsetnow.com/terms/for-restaurants.
Allset works great alongside other restaurant reservation and food ordering apps. We are the first to offer both dine-in and pickup services. Similar platforms offer either table booking or ordering for pickup only.
As a partner restaurant, you can choose from posters, door stickers, and other in-store signage to get the guests attention. You get to select and order the branded materials that work best for your restaurant.
Contactless ordering reduces customers’ contact with the high-touch objects at your restaurant like menus, credit cards and cash, making the dining experience safer and easier. Your guests get instant access to your menu and can order directly from their phones, no need to wait for menus and checks.

How it works:

1. Guests scan a special QR code near the entrance or at the table and get instant access to your menu.

2. Place orders for pickup or dine-in and get notified when the order is ready.

3. You can serve guests fast and with minimum human contact.

New customers that ordered on-site via Allset remain commission-free for life.

Benefits for your restaurant:

- Commission-free orders for takeout and dine-in (including all future orders from such customers).

- Contactless, simple, and safe ordering process for your guests and staff.

- Minimum lines and time spent at the restaurant.

- Discount on first order for all customers paid by Allset.

Ask your dedicated success manager to add Contactless On-Site Ordering to your store on Allset.

We’ll follow up with more details and ship your QR code asap.


Simply submit your request at www.allsetnow.com/for-restaurants. We will get in touch with you shortly about the next steps.
You don't need any new hardware. You can download the Allset Merchant app on your iOS or Android device.
Your web dashboard displays your restaurant activity and allows you to manage it online. After registering your account, you can enter your dashboard page and start navigating.
Our support team will add your menu and handle it from there. You can always modify your menu as you please by calling +1 (510) 210-1052 or emailing restaurants@allsetnow.com. We will make changes instantly.

Allset also helps by inserting images of each menu item to make selection easier for guests. To see how guests will view your menu, simply download the Allset user app or use our website.
Once your restaurant is live on Allset, you will start receiving first orders. You will be able to choose any convenient way to accept orders: via text message, work phone, tablet, fax, or email. In our detailed partner kit, you will find a collection of tips & how-to’s to help you better serve Allset diners. If you ever need more assistance, we are here for you 24/7.
The Allset Merchant App supports the Star Micronics TSP143IIIBI and TSP654IIBI-24 Bluetooth Receipt Printers. Printing may work on other Star Micronics Bluetooth models, but we do not guarantee compatibility with them. Currently, an 80mm (3 ⅛”) paper size is supported.

To begin printing order receipts on your printer, follow the steps listed in Printer Manual.

Note: USB or Ethernet printers are currently not compatible with the Allset Merchant App.

Taking Orders

We recommend using our Merchant App as the best way to accept orders. When an order comes in, you will receive a push, text message, email, or fax - depending on your notification preferences. The next step is to open the app to review and confirm the order.
If you’re using the Allset Merchant App to receive orders, you can adjust the prep time for each order before confirmation.

How it works:

1. When reviewing a new order, tap ‘More Options’ in the bottom right corner.

2. Use the + or - symbols to adjust default prep time to a more appropriate one (at 5-minute intervals and up to 30 minutes).

3. After adjustments, tap ‘Confirm’ and start preparing the order.

To access this feature, please download the latest version of the Allset Merchant App on your Android device.
Please use this short instruction to guarantee a great experience for Allset diners on every visit.

- Have Allset orders ready by the serving time.

- Pay attention to items ordered and special instructions if any.

- Note the order type: Pickup or Dine-in.


- Hand the order to the customer or place it beside the Allset pickup sign.

- Orders should be labeled with the customer’s name using an Allset sticker (if provided).


- If the order states ‘Dine-in’, serve it as a sit-down meal.

- If you provide table service, reserve a table. If not, you do not need to guarantee seating.
If you have multiple devices with the app downloaded, orders can still be accepted at the same time. The order data will be synchronized across all devices.
We send a notification to the guest reminding them about their order.

For pickup orders, please keep order packed to-go until the guest arrives.

For dine-in orders at counter service restaurants, please keep the food heated in the kitchen. If the guest is late for more than 30 minutes, please pack the food to-go and keep it until the guest arrives.

For dine-in orders at full service restaurants, please hold the table for a maximum of 30 minutes and keep the food heated in the kitchen. If the guest is late for more than 30 minutes, you can free up the table and pack the food to-go. The restaurant is still getting paid.

Please don't remake any food because of the late arrival.
The order is still processed, and you still get paid. Any further action our support team handles, as this is not the fault of the restaurant. Things like these rarely happen, but when they do, we have your back.
Please call us at +1 (510) 210-1052, and our support will help you solve the issue.
For any cancellation, guests must call the Allset support. In turn, we call to the restaurant to get approval to cancel and refund the order. Canceled orders that were already in the process of preparing are nonrefundable.
If a restaurant does not confirm an order, our support team reaches out by phone. If nobody can be reached, we then have to cancel the order. Some guests may place orders before you open, and for the exact time you open.

Please remember to check your device before opening to ensure no early orders are missed, and make sure you have time to prepare for the first guest.
You can turn off the service whenever you want. Just let us know in advance of any closures/holidays so that we can always reflect your availability correctly in the app and on the website.
If you receive the order with the item you ran out of or do not serve anymore, you can hide it from your menu and report the issue to the Allset Customer Support Team:

1. When reviewing a new order, tap ‘More Options’ in the bottom right corner and choose ‘Issue with Item.’

2. Tap on the item you can't serve, choose 'Unavailable Today' or 'Unavailable Indefinitely.' If you cannot fulfill the special instructions to the order, tap 'Can't fulfill.'

3. The order will be set on hold, and you will not be able to confirm or cancel it until our Support Team resolves the issue with the customer and gets in touch with you. However, you will be able to adjust the order preparation time if you need to.

Please note that by selecting 'Unavailable Today,' you mark the item as 'Sold Out' on the restaurant's menu until the following day. The item remains visible to the customer.

'Unavailable Indefinitely' will hide the item from your menu completely until you decide to bring it back.

We encourage you to collaborate with our Support Team as they can help solve the issues with the missing item in the best possible way for you and the customer. You can reach us at +1 (510) 210-1052.


Paying for orders is done entirely through the app. The guest payment is automatically charged after the restaurant confirms the order. All payments are done before the guest arrives.
Each Wednesday the automatic payment for the previous week (Mon–Sun) is sent to your bank account. Transfers take 24-72 hours to process depending on your bank, so you should receive deposits by the end of each week.

Please note that weekends and public holidays may cause a delay.
You can review weekly deposits and their status in your web dashboard - merchant.allsetnow.com.

Navigate to the ‘Sales’ section and click on the ‘Deposits’ tab. You’ll see the status of your payments (paid or pending), number of orders included in each deposit, total earned, fees, and the actual payout.

You can also export each statement and send it to your email. To do that:

1. Open your dashboard - merchant.allsetnow.com

2. Go to ‘Sales’ > ‘Deposits’

3. Click ‘Send report’
Each weekly deposit covers orders served from 12 AM on Monday until 12 AM on Monday of the following week.

Click on a deposit to see the list of orders included in the weekly total. You can export this list and send it to your email. Canceled orders are excluded.

To download a statement:

1. Open your dashboard - merchant.allsetnow.com

2. Go to ‘Sales’ > ‘Deposits’

3. Click on a deposit record to open the page with included orders

4. Click ‘Send Report’ in the top right corner
Your weekly payout (net total) is equal to the total earned (including tips and taxes) minus Allset commission and Stripe transaction fee (both applied per each order) as well as the device rental fee (if applicable).
If you're using an Allset-issued tablet to accept orders, you'll see a device rental fee information on the Bank Account page of your Dashboard. The device rental fee is subtracted from your weekly payout.
To set up your bank account:

1. Open your dashboard - merchant.allsetnow.com

2. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Bank Account’

3. Fill out and submit the required information

If you’re linking your bank account for the first time or have recently updated it, it can take an additional week for payments to post. In this case, your payout will be moved to the next pay period.
In the ‘Bank Account’ section, make sure your bank account details have the ‘Verified’ status.

We will attempt to process your failed payment again during the next pay period.

Having issues with your weekly deposits? Contact us anytime at restaurants@allsetnow.com.

Still need help?

Reach us at support@allsetnow.com — we will respond as quickly as possible.