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Adding ‘Order Pickup’ button to my website

Here are a few options that we recommend:

• Top navigation banner with news/updates
To get the best results, place the 'Order Pickup' button above the navigation bar where your website visitors can easily spot it without scrolling.

• Primary order button in website navigation
To retain the unique branding, create a customized ‘Order Pickup’ button that seamlessly blends into the navigation section of your homepage.

Use Allset as your primary online ordering solution. If you have other partner apps listed, make sure to use word indicators like ‘Order Pickup’ or ‘Order Takeout’ for the Allset button.

• Homepage promo pop-up
Create a promo pop-up with an online ordering option. This will help you encourage customers to place orders by offering a discount.

• Floating pre-designed button
Feature Allset as your preferred app for online ordering by integrating a floating pre-designed button into your website.

For any additional help or pre-designed assets, contact your Success Manager or drop us a message at

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