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What order protocol can I choose to receive orders (POS/Printer integration, tablet, email, sms, or fax)?

While working with Allset, you can choose a convenient way to receive orders - via integration with POS or kitchen printers, using Allset Merchant App (installed on your own device or a tablet provided by Allset), email, sms, or fax.

You can choose between these options or combine multiple order receiving methods:

POS integration
Allset is integrated with Olo and Ordermark POS systems so you can receive orders directly to your POS terminal. Once you provide us with your location POS id's, we will take care of the rest. Your POS menus will be added and updated on Allset automatically and in real-time. Orders that come through your POS will be auto-confirmed. Before start, we'll run a few test orders to ensure that the integration went through smoothly.

Kitchen Printers
Allset is currently integrated with Otter, ItsaCheckmate, and Cuboh. If you use any of these systems, you can receive Allset orders directly to your kitchen printer. To start receiving orders via printer integration, please send your request at

Tablet (Allset Merchant App)
You are able to use your own Android device or tablet provided by Allset for a small weekly rental fee.

We highly recommend using our Merchant App as the best way to accept orders. You can view orders at each prep stage and use additional features like Adjust Order Prep Time and Report Sold Out Items, as well as connect available Bluetooth receipt printer if you use one.

If using your own Android Device:
You can download the Allset Merchant App on Google Play Market:
App login credentials will be available for you upon registering your merchant account on Allset.

If you want to use a tablet provided by Allset:
Mention Allset device in your sign-up sheet during registration or send your request at, and our team will provide you with a tablet and pre-installed Allset Merchant App ready to use.

How much does it cost to rent a tablet?
It's only $2 per week (device insurance included). The fee is active for 1 year and charged from a restaurant only if it has sales on the given week.

If you want to confirm orders you are receiving through email, we recommend using this method. Make sure you have access to incoming emails close to your register, and please confirm new orders quickly to avoid order cancellation by a user. This order protocol may include a confirmation call to make sure you don’t miss any orders and can be used in combination with other methods.

Text message
All you need is to provide us with phone numbers you want to receive order notifications on. By following the link from the text message, you'll able to review order details and confirm an order.

If you prefer working with the fax machine, you can choose this option. However, fax is the slowest way to deliver order notification and we recommend opting in for other methods. Fax orders will be followed up with a call from our support team, to confirm you can start preparing an order.

Still need help?

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