Data Privacy at Allset

Like most companies, we work with advertising partners so you can receive personalized offers from Alset on some of their sites and services. These third parties may use some of your personal information to tailor the ads you see online to your interests. Plus, some sharing of personal information is necessary to connect you with restaurant partners where you have previously placed orders so that they can share exclusive offers with you. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) allows consumers in California to opt-out of certain sharing of their data.

We do not sell your personal information

As explained above, Allset does not sell any of your information in the traditional sense of the word. The data-sharing relationship we have with advertising partners and restaurant partners is considered a “sale” under the law (even if no money is exchanged). You may opt-out of such data sharing below.

What happens if I opt-out of data sharing?

If you opt-out, we will stop disclosing your personal information to both our advertising partners and restaurant partners, and you may miss out on deals and offers that might otherwise be communicated to you. Allset will share your name and email address with restaurant partners for operational purposes only, such as completing your order.

Previously shared data

If an advertising partner or restaurant partner had received your personal information before you submitted an opt-out request, that partner might continue to use your data in accordance with their own privacy policies. For example, if one of our restaurant partners added you to their restaurant email distribution list, you will continue to receive those emails unless or until you unsubscribe from that restaurant partner.

You can read more about how we use personal information here.