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What is Allset?

Allset offers people the shortest way to sit-down meals at restaurants. Our app allows people to book tables, and order and pay ahead for their meals, which will be ready as soon as they arrive at the restaurant at their desired time.

Using Allset can save people up to 40 minutes of the time that is usually spent waiting to be seated, waiting to order, waiting for food and check. Our mission is to help people make the most of their time: enjoy the full restaurant experience and always be on time.

How does it work?

Allset connects busy professionals with great restaurants in their area by letting people order and pay ahead for their sit-down meals.

In the app, guests select the arrival time, order, pay, and tip in advance. The restaurant is then able to prepare the meal for service when the guest arrives. Once seated, all that is left for the guest to do is enjoy their meal and leave. Allset takes care of the rest.

How can my restaurant benefit from Allset?

You can attract the growing audience of busy professionals who didn’t have the time to visit you before; bring in local offices inside your restaurant; turn tables twice as fast by cutting dining time in half. Allset connects you directly with local offices and sends more corporate clients into your restaurant, every day.

What are the benefits for people who use the app?

The biggest benefit is how much time the guest saves across the board. By using the app they cut out waiting to be seated, waiting for the waiter, waiting for food, waiting for the bill, etc.

How much do I pay for Allset service?

Allset offers a simple and fixed pricing structure. We charge a 12% fee per order, not including the processing fee (2.9% + 30¢). Allset’s fee is taken out of the subtotal, not including tax and tip.

Do I have to pay commission for upsales at restaurant?

Anything sold inside the restaurant outside of the app is your to keep.

How can I have my favorite restaurant to be added to Allset?

The list of our partner restaurants is growing every day. Just send us a restaurant request at We'll do our best to add it to Allset. You can also refer Allset to a host or manager the next time you visit your favorite restaurant. We will give $300 in Allset credits per a restaurant that signs with us and appears on the app.

What are the terms and conditions of the contracts?

We make it easy with no contracts & no setup cost. Terms of Use are listed here:

I already use a reservation / online ordering service. Why do I need Allset?

Allset works great alongside other restaurant reservation and online ordering services. We are the first to offer a hybrid “table booking + food pre-ordering” service. Similar products offer either table booking, or pre-ordering for takeout only. Allset is different because it combines table booking and food pre-ordering all in one app. Allset focuses on people who prefer sit-down meals instead of ordering to go.

Does Allset promote in-store marketing?

As a partner restaurant you can choose from table tents, door stickers, reservations signs, and app download cards to get the guests attention. You get to choose and order the branded materials that work best for your restaurant.


How do I start with Allset? Watch the training video here:

1. Get registered at to get access to your web dashboard.

2. Once logged in, you will need to create your public profile, add menu items, and connect your bank account.

3. The last step is to download the Allset restaurant app on your iPhone or Android device.

What hardware do I need?

You don't need any new hardware. You can download the Allset restaurant app on your iPhone or Android device and start accepting orders.

How do I navigate my web dashboard?

Your web dashboard displays your restaurant activity, and allows you to manage it online. After you are registered you can enter your dashboard page and start navigating.

How do I add my restaurant menu?

Our support team will add your menu and handle it from there. You can always modify your menu as you please by calling +1 (415) 359-4885 or emailing We will make changes instantly.

Allset also helps by inserting images of each menu item to make selection easier for guests. We can also help set up a professional photographer to shoot your menu.

To see how guests will view your menu, simply download the Allset user app or use our website.

How do I start taking orders?

Once you have set up your account and added your menu Allset will set up one day of training to ensure your first order is a success and answer any questions. Once completed you are ready to accept orders.


How do I accept a new order? Watch the training video here:

When an order comes in your designated manager receives a text message and push notification on their phone. The next step is to open the app to review and confirm the order.

How do I serve the guest? Watch the training video here:

We encourage restaurants to serve food within five minutes of the guest arriving. Start serving the food only after guests arrive and as soon as you have it prepared. We find that every restaurant has their own way of ensuring food is brought out as quickly as possible, and we respect that.

Can managers accept orders simultaneously?

If you have multiple devices with the app downloaded, orders can still be accepted at the same time. The order data will be synchronized across all devices.

What do I do if the guest is late?

We send a notification to guests 15 minutes before their reservation, asking them to call us directly if they are running late. Food should only be served after the guest has been seated.​

What happens when guests don’t show up?

The order is still processed and you still get paid. Any further action our support team handles, as this is not the fault of the restaurant. Things like these rarely happen, but when they do, we have your back.

What if a guest orders something we are out of?

Should you receive an order for something you do not have, please contact the guest and offer a substitute, or call the Allset support and we will help you solve the issue. Always let the Allset support know when something has run out so we can remove it from the menu for the day.

Can guests cancel an accepted order and request a refund?

For any cancellation guests must call the Allset support. In turn, we call to the restaurant to get approval to cancel and refund the order. If the guest wants to cancel the order that is already in the process of preparing, it’s up to the restaurant if they want to refund or not.

What if I miss the order?

If a restaurant does not confirm an order within the first few minutes our support team reaches out by phone. In the event that nobody can be reached, we then have to cancel the order. Some guests may place orders to dine in before you open, and for the exact time you open. Please remember to check your device thirty minutes before opening to ensure no early orders are missed, and make sure you have time to prepare for the first guest.

Should I turn off the service when we are closed?​

You can turn off the service whenever you want. Just let us know in advance of any closures/holidays so that we can always reflect your restaurant correctly in the app and on the website.​


How do guests pay for the order?

Paying for orders is done entirely through the app. The guest payment is automatically charged after the restaurant confirms the order. All payments are done before the guest arrives.

How do I close the tab?

There are two ways to do this. The first way is to close orders to the house account. The second way is for Allset to create a button inside your POS system as an additional payment method.

When is payment transferred to my bank account? Watch the training video here:

We do a batch report at the end of each day, adding up all orders and subtracting the 12% Allset service fee. The next day the balance will be deposited directly into your account.

Still need help?

Reach us at - we will respond as quickly as possible.

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