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How does it work?

  • List your store on Allset

    List your store on Allset

    Our convenient, beautiful app and website are designed to delight.

  • Get discovered

    Get discovered

    Customers find your store on Allset close to where they live and work.

  • Accept incoming orders

    Accept incoming orders

    Customers will keep coming back to earn dining rewards provided by Allset.

Reach new customers
and retain them – at no added cost to you

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Highly rated app

Get discovered by locals who use and love Allset for its convenience and rewards.

It's on us

Allset promotions and automated loyalty keep customers engaged and generate continued revenue.

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Corporate customers

Let thousands of employees find you on their corporate meal programs on Allset.

Easy for your staff

Receive orders through your POS system or however else you choose. (Allset tablet, fax, email, sms)

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We've got more ways
to drive orders

  • Orders from Google and Apple Maps

    Orders from Google and Apple Maps

    Get access to our partner network as a new stream of online orders.

  • Effortless online ordering on your website

    Effortless online ordering on your website

    Set up an ‘Order Now’ button to turn your website visitors into customers.

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