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Order status.

- Order sent means that Allset has sent your order to the restaurant. You will get notified once your order starts being prepared. You can still cancel your order at this point and get a full refund.

- Preparing your order means that the restaurant has started preparing your order and it will be ready around the indicated time. At this point, you cannot cancel your order using the app or website. But you can tap on the phone icon under the status bar to call the restaurant and see if they can cancel.

- Pick up your order/Arrive for dine-in means that your order is ready and the restaurant is waiting for you.

- Order completed means that your order has been served.

- Order canceled means that your order has been canceled. If the order is canceled by the restaurant, you will receive a full refund.

- Restaurant seems busy at the moment means that there is a small delay due to the restaurant's operational capacity during the busiest hours. Once your order starts being prepared, we will notify you immediately.

You can always check up on this delay with our support team or with the restaurant directly:

- Tap on the order card to expand.

- Tap on the phone icon next to the restaurant name (located under the order progress bar) and the call will start.

- Or simply tap on the 'Help' button to get assistance from our support team.

Still need help?

Reach us at or — we will respond as quickly as possible.