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Why credits disappeared from my account?

Promotional credits may expire. Please check 'Credits expiration' in the CREDITS AND PROMOTIONS section. .

We also reserve the right to remove credits from accounts and disable the usage of referral and promotional credits in the future for users who violate our Terms of Use.

- We do not allow to have multiple accounts in our system linked to one person, even if these accounts are registered with different profile information, including email address, name, and phone number.

- We also do not allow to use phone numbers and devices already registered in our system, as well as use digital phone numbers to sign up.

- If your account is not eligible for the promotional code that you redeem, we have the right to remove promotional credits from your account.

Allset's decision to remove and disable credits is exercised in a reasonable manner. Also, see 'My account has been restricted' in the ACCOUNT section below.

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