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What is Allset Rewards?

With Allset Rewards program, you can enjoy up to 15% in Allset cash back on every meal with us.

From your first order on, you will earn extra credits in a form of Allset Cash back. These extra credits are calculated at the checkout per your Rewards rate (5%, 10%, 15%), add up to your account balance once your order is completed, and automatically apply to your future purchases.

The more you order with Allset, the more credits you get in return:
Order four times/mo → Unlock 10%
Order ten times/mo → Unlock 15%

If not used up, the reward credits will expire after 30 days. Your Rewards rate will also drop after 30 days if you don't order as frequently.

To see your current Rewards rate, tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the app and select 'Rewards.' To find your Allset Cash back history and credit expiration dates, go to 'Wallet' > 'Allset credits.’

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