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How do Allset credits work?

Allset credits are a monetary balance in your account that can be applied to any order. To view your current credit balance and maximum credit use per order, tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the app, and then select 'Promotions.'

Your Allset credit balance includes both promotional and referral credits. We also offer discounts per each order at selected restaurants (specially marked in-app). Restaurant discounts combine with your personal credits at checkout. Please keep in mind that your personal credits always apply first. The maximum credit use per order starts at $5 and may vary for different users and promotions. Credits can't cover more than 50% of your order, this includes both your personal and restaurant discounts and bound to your current credit limit which can vary depending on your current active promotion.

Allset credits do not apply if you try to overuse them:

- Order at the same restaurant within 2 hours of your previous credited order.

Or if your account is restricted. Please see 'Why credits disappeared from my account?' in the CREDITS AND PROMOTIONS section.

Promotional credits may expire. Please check 'Credits expiration' in the CREDITS AND PROMOTIONS section.

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