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My account has been restricted.

To keep the service running smoothly for both diners and restaurants, your account may be restricted if you violate our Terms of Use. It means that all promo credits will be deducted from your account, and you will not be eligible for promotional campaigns and redeeming promo codes. The restriction may also result in you being charged the amount of Allset credits used in your order. In the case of credit abuse, the charge may apply after the order is placed.

Your account will remain active, and you can continue using Allset services.

Here are the possible reasons for your account to be restricted:

- Sharing your phone number or device with other Allset users.

- Creating multiple accounts, using fake phone numbers, or fake email addresses, in order to misuse Allset credits.

- If you bulk-redeem promo codes that you did not receive from Allset.

- Violation of our Terms of Use.

If you think your account was restricted by mistake, you can contact us at We will take a closer look at your case and the reasons for the restriction.

Still need help?

Reach us at or — we will respond as quickly as possible.