Urgent supplies to people in Ukraine. Donate to Help.Urgent supplies to people in Ukraine. Donate to Help.

Support the millions of innocent people caught up in the unprovoked war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

This initiative is created by Allset, an order-ahead app for pickup and dine in at local food spots. Having many of our team members in Ukraine, Allset is a part of the global community of volunteers and organizations that have come together to provide critical medical and humanitarian supplies as well as non-lethal protective equipment directly to those in Ukraine who need it most.

You can help by donating to a bank account set up by our partners, UACC (Ukrainian American Coordinating Council). Our team quickly puts funds into work and 100% of donations go toward direct aid.

Your contribution will help provide life-saving support to people in Ukraine.

Targeted help

We have all the logistics and paperwork in place to ship directly to the locations where the help is most needed.

Immediate effect

Our team is focused specifically on shipping equipment from the U.S. All supplies are in stock and available immediately.

Effective allocation

Our partners in Ukraine distribute all items to territorial defenses, hotspots, and those others in need across Ukraine.

To our employees, families, and everybody else affected in Ukraine, we stand with you. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦