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What is Allset for Business?

Allset for Business is a simple lunch solution for companies to feed their employees and hold effective business meetings at restaurants nearby.

With Allset, your employees can have lunch at restaurants nearby in under 30 minutes and return to work refreshed and more productive. You can also minimize distractions to hold an effective business meeting.

How does it work?

Companies sign up with Allset for Business and access their web dashboard. After that they create their lunch program: add employees and give them monthly lunch budgets.

Employees use Allset to reserve their meals at restaurants nearby. In the restaurant they get seated and served in short order. The app handles the payment so that the employee can leave when they want. All payments within a pre-set monthly lunch budget are charged to the company payment method.

How can my company benefit from Allset for Business?

Companies can save time as there is no need to handle lunch and business meeting reimbursements. They can simplify lunch management by giving employees individual lunch budgets and have all expenses in one place. Also, companies can boost productivity as lunch breaks help employees return to work with more energy and productivity increased by 30%.

What are the benefits for employees who use Allset?

Employees can take a break and enjoy their lunch at great restaurants in under 30 minutes. It’s a much better alternative to delivery and takeout.

Employees can also hold better meetings at restaurants by minimizing distractions and taking the guesswork out their business meals.

How much do I pay for the Allset service?

The Allset service is free. We do not charge any transaction or monthly fees from companies and their employees.

What are the terms and conditions of the contracts?

We make it easy with no contracts & no cost at all. Terms of Use are listed here:

I already use a catering / delivery service. Why do I need Allset?

Unlike catering and delivery services, Allset allows your employees to take a real lunch break in under 30 minutes which results in increased productivity. Using Allset takes up no office space, it requires no daily management, and has a small service fee compared to other services.

Even if you use catering or delivery services to feed your employees, Allset can work great alongside these services. Apart from a better employee lunch, you can use Allset for business meetings and employee perks.


How do I start with Allset for Business?

1. Sign up with Allset for Business at to get access to your web dashboard.

2. Once logged in, connect your payment method. All orders are billed to one payment method, so expenses are all in one place.

3. The last step is to create your lunch program: add employees and set monthly lunch budgets.

How do I navigate my web dashboard?

After you are registered, you can enter your dashboard page and start navigating. Your web dashboard displays your employees' activity: orders, restaurants, and budget spent. The dashboard allows you to set your lunch program budget and manage the list of your employees online.

How do I add employees to my lunch program?

Go to 'Employees' in the dashboard menu, create a group (e.g. 'Sales'), and add employees to the group by downloading a list of email addresses or adding them one by one. Each employee will get a welcome email when added to your lunch program.

How do I set lunch budgets?

Go to “Employees” in the dashboard menu, choose a group of employees, and enter your monthly lunch budget per employee in the “Monthly Budget per Employee” input. Lunch credits will be automatically added to employees accounts after they sign up with Allset. Unused credits in any month will be carried over to the following month.

How do I stop using Allset for Business?

You can turn off your lunch program whenever you want. There are no contracts or commitments.


How do employees start using Allset for Business?

Once added to your lunch program, the employee will get a welcome email with a link to sign up with Allset. The employee needs to sign up with the same email address that you used to add the employee to your lunch program, so we highly recommend to use the work email address. Once completed, the employee is ready to use Allset. Lunch credits will be submitted to their accounts automatically.

Where can employees view their lunch budget?

At the moment, employees can only view their lunch credits when they're applied at checkout.

How do employees place their orders?

The employee books a table for the desired time and orders their food from a menu. Payment is done through Allset and charged to the designated corporate payment method.

What do they do when they arrive at the restaurant?

They tell the host their name and are served in short order and finished in under 30 minutes. Allset handles the payment, so the employee can leave when they want.

When do I actually pay for the employee order?

The employee payment is automatically charged after the restaurant confirms the order. All payments are done before the employee arrives.

How can employees invite other people to join them for lunch?

In the app, the employee can invite other people from their phone contacts to join them for lunch. Invited users receive the invitation in a text message. They order and pay separately using Allset.

What does the employee do if they are late?

We send a notification to the employee 15 minutes before their reservation, asking them to call us directly if they’re running late. Our partner restaurants easily adjust their reservations according to the new arrival time.

Can the employee cancel an accepted order and request a refund?

The employee can request a refund up to 20 minutes before the reservation time so that the restaurant has not started to cook their food yet. For any cancellation less than 20 minutes before arrival time, the employee should call the Allset supports.

Can the employee continue using Allset after they spend their lunch budget?

Yes. All orders will be billed to their personal payment method once they run out of credits.

Still need help?

Reach us at - we will respond as quickly as possible.

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